Who We Are

On 1 Nov 2016, True Whey was founded with a simple mission - to help fitness enthusiasts in Myanmar obtain top quality sports nutrition supplies at affordable price points. We work towards this vision through focus on innovating and disrupting the traditional retail channel and make a wider range products more accessible to consumers. We will also challenge ourselves with competitive pricing of the sports nutrition products as we continuously improve and streamline our business processes. We strive to be one of the market leaders of sports nutrition distribution in Myanmar.

Why Choose Us?

Through the e-commerce business model, we are able to do away with high overhead costs like the extensive manpower for managing the complicated retail supply chain, and also huge savings on the retail rental and renovation costs. Also, through the online store, we are always accessible 24/7 at your finger tips through your mobile phone. Ordering and receiving products will be a breeze. And oh, all orders are cash-on-delivery at the moment, so you don't have to worry for anything about payment.

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With our extensive network with the sports nutrition manufacturers and distributors in North America, we source pick products from premium brands in a cost-effective consolidation method. Upon consolidation, we then ship the products direct to Myanmar.


When the shipment reaches our warehouse, True Whey uses a systematic and efficient way categorize and store the products. All products are stored in a clean and cool environment to ensure freshness of stocks. Once the products are stocked into the warehouse and entered into our system, that's it! They are now ready for purchase from our online store!


Our online store allows customers to browse anytime and anywhere. You can easily share detailed information about our store with your friends. Purchasing from our store is also easy: simply create an account, add products to your cart, and check out.


After checking out from true-whey.com, our service staff will call to confirm the order and delivery time. Just sit back and chill: our delivery team will send your order the following working day*. It's that easy!